Nous avons déjà abordé ici le cas Ron Paul. L'utopiste et représentant du Texas, candidat à la Primaire Républicaine, ne manque jamais une occasion de faire parler de lui. Que ce soit en bien ou en mal. Il ne s'intéresse pas à l'opinion de ceux qu'il est sensé convaincre. Le principal est de se faire mousser, de faire la une et d'être en vue. Ce n'est que ce qui l'intéresse. Si non, pourquoi se rendre à un événement organisé par l'extrème gauche Américaine, qui hait l'Amérique et le dit, qui veut la destruction d'Israel et qui travail notamment avec le Party Communiste Américain, moveon.org, Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan et bien d'autres ? C'est cela l'image que veut avoir Ron Paul ? Il semble en être fier.

Who Hates Americans? 

                    By Ishmael Vera
                    FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, October 15, 2007

The campaign mounted by campus leftists against Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, which is scheduled to take place on more than 100 campuses during the week of October 22-26 has taken a new turn with the announcement of a counter-protest at the Washington Monument. The protest, which will be called “American Fascism Awareness Day” is being organized by Adam Kokesh of Iraq Veterans Against the War, the Revolutionary Communist Party, Students for Justice In Palestine, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee among others and will feature speakers such as congressman Dennis Kucinich and presidential candidate Ron Paul, anti-war activists Cindy Sheehan and Harry Karry and actor Sean Penn. According to a spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party, one of the sponsors of the event, “This is an answer to the Jew Horowitz and the neo-conservative Zionists who dragged us into an imperialist war in Iraq and are spreading hatred against Muslims to support their war plans against the Republic of Iran.”

Flyers for the American Fascism Awareness Protest were distributed on at least ten campuses which are scheduled to hold Islamo-Fascism Awareness Weeks in 9 days. (The text of the flyer is reprinted below.) Many Americans contacted by Frontpagemag.com were outraged over the announced protest. Latisha Freeman, an African American student at one of the campuses that was flyered commented that all Americans were not racists and that the flyer was generally “unpatriotic and unfair.” American Legion commander K. “Ike” Landsman, was blunter. “These are communist ingrates who don't appreciate this great country and they ought to be deported to Iran or Afghanistan where they would be welcome." Fox News Channel anchor Alan Colmes, had a different take. “Lighten up,” Colmes said when he was shown the flyer; “this is a parody of views that liberals actually have. No one should get upset. This is just free speech in action.”

Who Hates Americans? We Do.

                                    Your typical American is:

                                    Ø A racist. A sexist. A homophobe.

                                    Ø An Islamo-phobe.

                                    Ø Is willing to invade other countries for oil and pleasure.

                                    Ø Is easily manipulated by Rush Limbaugh and Jews.

                                    Ø Is the cause of global warming.

Join Us For American Fascism Awareness Day

Place: Washington (Slaveholder) Monument

Date: November 31, 2007

Time: 12PM-2:00 PM


                                        Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, congressmen
                                        Adam Kokesh, Iraq War veteran
                                        Chris Hedges, journalist
                                        Cindy Sheehan, Harry Karry, peace activists
                                        Michael Moore, Sean Penn, film-makers


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